About Us

Founded in April 2015 by Pastor Chris Gortney, Redeemed Ministries started as a transition home for men that have completed rehabilitation programs. In April 2016, Redeemed started a church for the men in the program. That soon grew into a thriving community church, serving and teaching people from all backgrounds, not just addiction. In October 2017, Redeemed opened its Healing & Recovery Center. This is an intense 6 month, in-house/on the farm, discipleship training and rehab program. We currently have the ability to house 18 men in this program. In November 2017, we opened the Redeemed Thrift Store to support the Healing & Recovery Center. In June 2018, Redeemed opened a wood shop where the men make handmade items such as farm tables, benches, bed frames, etc., that are sold in the thrift store. We have been given a unique opportunity to literally see the physical lives of many people saved, to see families restored, and to see true transformation take place in those needing help. We offer people GRACE and TRUTH, in that order. We meet their physical needs and help them get back on their feet, then, teach the life-changing truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We invite you to partner with us through your prayer and financial support as this ministry continues to grow. God bless you.

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